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Re: [PATCH] ADM5120 for 2.6.10

Subject: Re: [PATCH] ADM5120 for 2.6.10
From: Tsang-Ren Chang <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 00:56:38 +0800
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Jeroen Vreeken wrote: wrote:

You should be talking to ADMTek about being allowed to post this code
then. Otherwise, it should not be not be on the list.
I am confident I am allowed to post the code. It is published publicly on the web and the blurb while irritating (which is why I want it changed) does mention that you are excepted from the mentioned restrictions if you have the appropriate license agreement. Since there is no doubt this code hase been distributed under the GPL I have such a license. Btw I did contact admtek to ask for formal approval to change it to something less scary.



Hi Jeroen:
I agree with your point. I think the copyright notices of ADMTek in arch/mips/am5120/ directory infringed GPL. All the modifications of linux-2.4.18-admtek should be distributed under the GPL without exception.

Best regards,
TR Chang

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