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Re: [PATCH] ADM5120 for 2.6.10

Subject: Re: [PATCH] ADM5120 for 2.6.10
From: Jeroen Vreeken <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 22:17:21 +0100
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First, thank you for your patch. However, there are a number of things
that you have to do before it will be accepted.

  1) You should be creating your patch against the Linux/MIPS kernel
     tree present in CVS. You can go to
     to see how to get the latest code.

  2) Change your machine config definition of 'MIPS_AM5120' to be
     'MIPS_ADM5120' as it makes more sense.

  3) A number of your files, 'arch/mips/am5120/5120_rtc.c' for an
     example, has an unacceptable copyright banner in it. Your code
     will not be accepted unless it is licensed under GPL or a shared
     BSD style license. Please speak with your management and get
     approval. You will also need to sign off your code contribution.

  4) It might be good to have your serial driver up in 'drivers/serial'
     instead of down in 'arch/mips' somewhere. Perhaps someone else
     will have comments on that.

  5) Your PCI code should be located in 'arch/mips/pci'.

  6) Your change to 'include/linux/init.h' for early init calls
     is unnecessary. The latest tree already supports this and
     the linker script takes care of placing them in the proper

After you have addressed the issues above, please re-submit your patch.

I agree with your points...
Just to clarify: I don't intend this patch to be merged with anything, its just an intermediate step I thought people here might be interested in.
I'll try to make that clearer if I post further patches.

With respect to point 3, I am not an admtek employee, its just a hobby project. I also send an mail about this copyright notice earlier, since nobody started shouting it was wrong to remove these messages I asume I can modify them into something sensible.


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