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porting to ADM5120

Subject: porting to ADM5120
From: Tom Vrána <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 10:25:19 +0100
Organization: VODA IT consulting
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I am working on solution using ADM5120 SoC (a 4kc MIPS). I as well have docs for the SoC and patched kernel 2.4.18 sources that I am able to compile, make image anf run on the system. The problem is that I need to have some more recent kernel, eg. 2.4.27. I have diffing out all the relevant changes from the old version and include them in cvs check-out version 2.4.27. After some cleanup, I got it to compile, but the image just doesn't do anything when run on the SoC. It says jump to linux code... and dies. I have checked just about everything that I can ( and at least a bit understand) including the early printk patch. Not a single byte of output on the serial console.

The question is, whether there is someone, who could possibly help to look into this, as assembly code level is really not my skill, but I really need to get the kernel running and I feel like I'm out of options. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

                                    TIA, Tom

Tomas Vrana  <>
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