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Re: crosscompiling and ...

Subject: Re: crosscompiling and ...
From: Tom Vrána <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 20:21:22 +0100
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Thiemo Seufer wrote:

Tom Vrána wrote:

I'm just hopelesly stuck, trying to make a kernel 2.4.27 for mips SoC ADM5120 (MIPS 4Kc). I have the code in a 2.4.18 kernel that I'm able to compile. With the code merged in 2.4.27 most of the stuff works, but I get the following assembler errors. Like if it doesn't recognize what's C and what assembler code ? I am using gcc3.3 toolchain built with uclibc with 2.4.27 kernel headers. and I do appreciate any help.... Tom

mipsel-linux-uclibc-gcc -D__KERNEL__ -I/store/devel/adm/linux-2.4.27-mipscvs-20050114/include -c -o mipsIRQ.o mipsIRQ.S

It fails to add -D__ASSEMBLY__ for some reason. I guess the cause is
some broken Makefile in your tree.

Thanks, your guess is right ;-) I got that one one fixed. What I got now is a complaint:

mipsIRQ.S: Assembler messages:
mipsIRQ.S:116: Error: absolute expression required `li'
mipsIRQ.S:120: Error: absolute expression required `and'
mipsIRQ.S:127: Error: absolute expression required `and'

the trouble causing code is this (STATUS_IE) :

       .set noreorder
       mfc0    v0, CP0_STATUS
       li              v1, ~STATUS_IE
       and             v1, v1, v0
       mtc0    v1, CP0_STATUS
       j               ra
       and             v0, v0, STATUS_IE
       .set reorder

       mfc0    v0, CP0_STATUS
       and             a0, a0, STATUS_IE
       or              v0, v0, a0
       mtc0    v0, CP0_STATUS
       j               ra

Any hints here ?

Tomas Vrana  <>
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