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Re: Problem with MV64340 serial driver

Subject: Re: Problem with MV64340 serial driver
From: Thomas Petazzoni <>
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 17:27:32 +0100
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Hello, a écrit :

My first question is, "Why?". You are aware that a serial driver already
exists for PPC using the 64360 which is the same chip as the 64340
except that it has a PPC 60x bus interface instead of MIPS? We do NOT
want multiple drivers. We just went through this with the ethernet
driver on 64340/64360. Go pull the latest stuff from:


and look in 'drivers/serial/mpsc'. You should use this as your starting
point and make the necessary changes to get it working on the 64340.
Another serial driver will not be accepted into the kernel. Thanks.

Thanks for the information. I have been inside linux-2.5-marvell BK tree, but I couldn't find the drivers/serial/mpsc directory, nor to find the driver for the 64340 serial port.

I've used the Web interface at|src/|src/drivers


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