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Keyboard interface test fails

To: "" <>
Subject: Keyboard interface test fails
From: priya <>
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 11:01:54 +0530
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Iam trying to bring up the PS/2 mouse on
a custom board based on RM5231A MIPS
processor and IT8172 companion chip.

The PS/2 mouse and keyboard are
connected to the Super IO chip IT712F-A
(version 7). The keyboard gives me
"interface failed self test" error and
the mouse events does not get

Iam running kernel version 2.4.25.

I have dumped the status and the data
register contents when the "keyboard
interface failure" happens. The data
register content is "0x2" - which means
clock is line stuck high. But the key
presses are recognized and iam able to
work with the keyboard well.

I dont know if anyone has faced such a
problem with this particular version of
Super IO or do i have to apply  a patch


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