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Problem when the CPU cache is turned on

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Subject: Problem when the CPU cache is turned on
From: priya <>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 10:22:22 +0530
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Iam trying to bring up a custom board
with RM5231A MIPS processor and IT8172
companion chip. Right now i have an
issue related to running Linux 2.4.25 on
MIPS with cache enabled.

When i run the kernel with CPU Cache
enabled, i get the following error
A. "Unhandled kernel unaligned access or
invalid instruction in
line 493:"
B. "Reserved instruction in kernel code
in traps.c::do_ri, line 663:"
C. "Unable to handle kernel paging
request at virtual address 00000000

These errors happen when i run fsck, vi
or a simple du command.

When i trun on the "Run uncached"
option  these errors disapper.

I do not know where to start debugging.
Can any one tell me what could be the
problem when the cache is turned on.


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