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Re: port on exotic board.

To: Jun Sun <>, moreau francis <>
Subject: Re: port on exotic board.
From: Manish Lachwani <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 21:36:51 -0800 (PST)
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Hello !
> > In "tlb_init" function, cp0 WIRED register is set
> to
> > zero, therefore the call to "local_flush_tlb_all" 
> > flush all TLB entries which were mapping my kernel
> > in the 3 first entries. Why is this necessary ?  
> Setting WIRED to zero is just part of kernel
> start-up initialization.
> In 2.4 it is done before board setup routine, which
> allows board
> to setup certain wired mapping.
> In 2.6 it is done after board setup routine.  You
> are screwed. :) I think
> this needs to be fixed.  A couple of boards should
> be broken because of this.

Well, you can again setup the wired tlb entries later.
For example, in case of Ocelot3 board (setup.c code),
the wired tlb entries are again created in the
time_init function.

void momenco_time_init(void)


And it is set for the first time in the board setup

static int __init momenco_ocelot_3_setup(void)
        unsigned int tmpword;

        board_time_init = momenco_time_init;

        _machine_restart = momenco_ocelot_restart;
        _machine_halt = momenco_ocelot_halt;
        _machine_power_off = momenco_ocelot_power_off;

        /* Wired TLB entries */


Maybe you can do the same for this board as well

Manish Lachwani


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