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Ideas on removing a compiler warning in 'init_task.c' ...

Subject: Ideas on removing a compiler warning in 'init_task.c' ...
From: "Steven J. Hill" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 18:21:01 -0600
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I am trying to clean up a few compiler warnings. Here is one remaining

  CC      arch/mips/kernel/init_task.o
arch/mips/kernel/init_task.c:15: warning: initialization makes integer from pointer without a cast

which has to do with this line:

  static struct sighand_struct init_sighand = INIT_SIGHAND(init_sighand);

I actually broke out the macro and it is complaining about the initialization
of 'action' member in the 'sighand_struct' defined in 'include/linux/sched.h'.

  struct sighand_struct {
          atomic_t                count;
          struct k_sigaction      action[_NSIG];
          spinlock_t              siglock;

I do not see this when compiling x86 code and the MIPS structure is
not that drastically different IMHO. Anyone have some ideas on this


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