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Re: Forcing IDE to work in PIO mode

To: Muruga Ganapathy <>
Subject: Re: Forcing IDE to work in PIO mode
From: Manish Lachwani <>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 11:30:46 -0800
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I had posted a patch to this mailing list a few days back. The patch applies cleanly to the current tree and is currently checked in: drivers/ide/mips/swarm.c

Using this patch, Broadcom SWARM IDE works well

Manish Lachwani

Muruga Ganapathy wrote:
Thanks Manish for the information. BTW, do you have patch to make the swarm IDE work in 2.6.6-rc3 Regards G.Muruganandam
Muruga Ganapathy wrote:
Hello, How do I force the IDE to work in the PIO mode by including the option like "hdb=noprobe" in the setup.c?

My kernel version is 2.6.6 Thanks G.Muruganandam

Hello ! I would have thought "ide=nodma" at the command line would have


Thanks Manish Lachwani

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