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LFS for RaQ2

Subject: LFS for RaQ2
From: Jim Gifford <>
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 15:04:36 -0800
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I have been following information provided on this list for the last few weeks. I am one of the editors for Linux From Scratch(LFS) and I have decided to take on getting LFS working on the Cobalt RaQ2 servers. I have been sucessful. I would appreciate any feedback from my peers here in the MIPS list. I really appreciate what you have done here.

It follows all the normal LFS guidelines, which means yes, you do have to have a working distro, before you can create an LFS system. I have had luck with both the Debian and Gentoo Cobalt builds to create a working LFS system.

Here is the link

Jim Gifford

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