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Re: au1100fb.c

To: Jørg Ulrich Hansen <>
Subject: Re: au1100fb.c
From: Karl Lessard <> (by way of Karl Lessard <>)
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 10:43:30 -0500
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Hi Jørg,

I've modified it a little bit since I've post it on the list, so here's the
.c/.h files I use now, and a patch that should also apply. This should work 
with current linux-mips cvs (actually it do on a 22/11/04 snapshot).

I've never tested it on other boards that the pb1100 though. Also, I use the
same scheme as in Linux 2.4, i.e. panels supported are declared in au1100fb.h.

I hope this will work for you, and don't hesitate to interrupt me if you have
any questions/problems. We personnally decided to work with a different 
graphic chip, so I probably don't need your version of the driver but thanks 
for offering it!


Jørg Ulrich Hansen wrote:

Hi Karl

Sorry to disturb you, but I can see that you have a framebuffer for au1100
for Linux 2.6.
I have also done the same work but I have some problems with nano-X that I
belive is the framebuffers fault.

Your patch that I found on the list I am having problems with to apply.

Do you mind to send me your version of the framebuffer either directly or to
the list.

If you are interrested you can have my version of au1100fb.c/h as well.

Kind regards Jorg

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