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CP0 EntryLo

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Subject: CP0 EntryLo
From: "Gilad Rom" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 11:56:39 +0200
Organization: Romat Telecom
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Hello List,

I am attempting to access a peripheral device over the Au1500 static bus.

According to the Au1500 Databook, Whenever I set the Chip Select config
Register DTY bits to 1 (for "I/O Device"), I must also set 
Bits 29:26 of CoProcessor 0 to 0xD, to represent bits 35:32 of the 
Physical address. 

My question is, if anyone can answer it, is how do I setup
The CoProcessor0 registers 29:26 in my driver?

I have noticed a set of functions called write/read_c0_entrylo[0,1],
But I keep getting random values when invoking these from my driver.


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