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Re: Cross tool chain based on gcc-3.4.x

Subject: Re: Cross tool chain based on gcc-3.4.x
From: TheNop <>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 00:00:51 +0100
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Thomas Petazzoni wrote:


TheNop a écrit :

Is anyone using a cross compiler base on gcc-3.4.x for a mips big endian target?

Yes. Using buildroot (the tool provided by uclibc guys), I successfully generated tool chains for MIPS Big Endian with both Gcc 3.3.x et Gcc 3.4.x. C and C++ programs, dynamically linked with uclibc work fine. However, with Gcc 3.4.x, my version of the Linux MIPS kernel (a more than one month old CVS checkout, heavily tuned for my platform) doesn't compile.


Hi Thomas,

I tried the current cvs version of toolchain provide by without success.
I will try buildroot tomorrow.
Hopefully I have luck than with crosstools.

Best regards

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