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titan code question

To: Manish Lachwani <>
Subject: titan code question
From: Thomas Koeller <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 16:23:14 +0100
Organization: Basler AG
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Hi Manish & Ralf,

the code below is from tian_ge.c:

         * This is the 1.2 revision of the chip. It has fix for the
         * IP header alignment. Now, the IP header begins at an
         * aligned address and this wont need an extra copy in the
         * driver. This performance drawback existed in the previous
         * versions of the silicon
        reg_data_1 = TITAN_GE_READ(0x103c + (port_num << 12));
        reg_data_1 |= 0x40000000;
        TITAN_GE_WRITE((0x103c + (port_num << 12)), reg_data_1);

        reg_data_1 |= 0x04000000;
        TITAN_GE_WRITE((0x103c + (port_num << 12)), reg_data_1);


        reg_data_1 &= ~(0x04000000);
        TITAN_GE_WRITE((0x103c + (port_num << 12)), reg_data_1);


According to the RM9000 user manual, register 0x103c (and 0x203c
and 0x303c), named TTPRI0, contains eight four-bit fields, each
of which is a packet priority value. This would be used to find
the priority for incoming packets.

Given the register description in the cpu manual, I cannot make
any sense of the code above. Whoever did that, would you care to


Thomas Koeller, Software Development
Basler Vision Technologies

thomas dot koeller at baslerweb dot com


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