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Re: [PATCH]: Rewrite of arch/mips/ramdisk/

To: Christoph Hellwig <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH]: Rewrite of arch/mips/ramdisk/
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 14:17:41 +0100
Cc: Kumba <>,
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On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 07:05:07PM +0100, Christoph Hellwig wrote:

> You could include a loop-back mountable filesystem image.  But that's
> not even nessecary.  The kernel will call /init of the files in the
> initramfs, and you could just store everything you'd store in the
> loopback filesystem directly in the initramfs image.

Right.  So this means CONFIG_EMBEDDED_RAMDISK and
CONFIG_EMBEDDED_RAMDISK_IMAGE have become obsolete.  So unless somebody
delivers a convincing argument I'm going to remove these options.


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