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From: "macrohat" <>
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 22:47:58 +0800
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Dear linux-mips:


So,Could I think that BCM1250 is not a type of high performance CPU? as in ARM 
or Power PC ARCH system,Bogomips is almost equal to CPU clock frequency.Is 
there any way to inprove it with software?


======= 2004-11-13 22:01:00 您在来信中写道:=======

>macrohat wrote:
>>Hello linux-mips:
>>I have a question to ask you: why BCM1250 CPU Bogomips is so much lower than 
>>CPU clock frequency,such as:
>>CPU 700MHz - 465.30 Bogomips, CPU 800MHZ - 532.48 BogoMIPS.And i find out 
>>that CPU Bogomips is a fixed value regardless L2 cache open or closed,
>This indicates the ALU ops of that CPU have more than one cycle latency.
>To achieve higher frequency,
>the pipeline is becoming longer...
>Bogomips calculation is a short loop which fits well in L1 caches, so L2
>won't affect the performance.
>>Enclosed is the log from the console
>>        macrohat
>>          2004-11-13


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