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Re: Compile Mips-Architecture on an i386?

To: "Hannes Bischof" <>
Subject: Re: Compile Mips-Architecture on an i386?
From: Wolfgang Denk <>
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 22:30:15 +0100
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In message <> you wrote:
> programm for the router. Now my question, is it possible to compile a
> programm for the router by example on an normal PC(i386)???

Yes, of course this is possible. This is what everybody does every day.

> What do I need to compile the software so that it runs under the linux
> system of the router??

You need a set of cross development tools.  I'd  recommend  our  ELDK
(Embedded  Linux  Development  Kit, see
which is available for free, but I'm obviously biased.

[Note: ELDK 3.1 will be released in a couple of days.]

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Wolfgang Denk

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