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Re: unable to handle kernel paging request

Subject: Re: unable to handle kernel paging request
From: Dennis Grevenstein <>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 20:55:50 +0100
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On Sun, Oct 31, 2004 at 08:26:53PM +0100, Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:

> is a list of function start addresses. Typically, functions
> don't crash at their very first instructions, this is why you don't see
> "exact" matches.

> From my fading MIPS knowledge, ip22zilog_interrupt called
> ip22zilog_receive_chars and the later one crashed. Now, use objdump and
> create a disassembly dump of the object file that contains the IP22
> Zilog stuff. There, find the part that's 0x20 bytes away from the start
> of ip22zilog_receive_chars. Now you know the cause of this oops.

That's what I found:

8810da14:       8c82001c        lw      v0,28(a0)
8810da18:       00809021        move    s2,a0
8810da1c:       8c510000        lw      s1,0(v0)
8810da20:       00a09821        move    s3,a1   
8810da24:       8e220118        lw      v0,280(s1) 


8810e224:       0e04367f        jal     8810d9fc <ip22zilog_receive_chars>
8810e228:       02803021        move    a2,s4
8810e22c:       0a04386e        j       8810e1b8 <ip22zilog_interrupt+0xd8>
8810e230:       32020001        andi    v0,s0,0x1   
8810e234:       0e0437bc        jal     8810def0 <ip22zilog_transmit_chars>

> From
> here, try to figure out the reason for it...
Well, I'm sure "MIPS assembly for Dummies" must be available
somewhere. While I keep looking please help me ;-)


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except long enough to clear from the mind
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