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Re: Hi-Speed USB controller and au1500

Subject: Re: Hi-Speed USB controller and au1500
From: (Bruno Randolf)
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 20:25:50 +0200
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On Saturday 23 October 2004 19:33, Pete Popov wrote:
> > maybe not everything ist fixed in AD stepping... we
> > have observed that on our
> > Au1500 AD board the internal USB host only works
> > when we set CONFIG_NONCOHERENT_IO=y.
> Is this with 2.4 or 2.6? I haven't changed the
> coherency defaults in 2.4. 

this is with 2.4.24 and with 2.4.27
have not tried it with 2.6 yet.

> Which board do you have, 
> Db1500?

we have custom boards, called "mtx-1", marketed as "meshcube" or "access cube"

> Does usb storage work for you with NONCOHERENT_IO set?

yes, USB host works fine with CONFIG_NONCOHERENT_IO=y


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