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Re: yosemite interrupt setup

To: Thomas Koeller <>
Subject: Re: yosemite interrupt setup
From: Manish Lachwani <>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 09:38:14 -0700
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Thomas Koeller wrote:
On Wednesday 20 October 2004 20:13, Manish Lachwani wrote:

       TITAN_GE_WRITE(0x0024, 0x04000024);    /* IRQ vector */
       TITAN_GE_WRITE(0x0020, 0x000fb000);    /* INTMSG base */

Hi Manish,

it was the location of these two lines that I was asking for. So they
are in the ethernet driver. Wouldn't you agree that they should go
into the platform instead? The interrrupt is shared with
other devices, the DUART to name just one example, and if I want to
write a driver for these, then that driver would depend on the
ethernet driver, if that does the interrupt setup.

So this covers the message interrupts, but I also have not been
able so far to spot the location where the corresponding setup
is done for the external interrupt lines, that is, setting up
the INTPINx registers. Any hints?

thank you,

Hi Thomas

No, these should remain in the Ethernet driver. Thats because no other driver depends on these. Those registers are MAC subsystem registers only. The ethernet driver does not do any interrupt setup for other devices. Lets take these registers one by one:

TITAN_GE_WRITE(0x0024, 0x04000024);    /* IRQ vector */

This register is to tell the MAC subsystem what IRQ vectors to use. If you dont configure this register, only the MAC subsystem cannot send interrupts to the processor. But, thats abt it.

TITAN_GE_WRITE(0x0020, 0x000fb000);    /* INTMSG base */

This register tells the MAC subsystem only where the INTMSG base is. So, if the MAC subsystem needs to send an interrupt, it can write the IRQ vector to the INTMSG register and uses this register to find the base of the INTMSG register. Thats all. If you dont configure this register, then only the MAC subsystem cannot send interrupts.

As far as external interrupts go, I think include/asm-mips/serial.h should indicate the serial interrupt used and arch/mips/pmc-sierra/yosemite/pci-irq.c should indicate the IRQ line that PCI uses. HT and MAC are based off message interrupts. If you are using Titan native UART, it is also based off message interrupts. And the interrupt config is done in arch/mips/pmc-sierra/yosemite/irq.c.

Is this what you wanted to know abt setting up the external interrupt lines?

Manish Lachwani

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