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yosemite interrupt setup

To: Manish Lachwani <>
Subject: yosemite interrupt setup
From: Thomas Koeller <>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 19:52:29 +0200
Organization: Basler AG
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Hi Manish,

may I ask you to help me with this:

I am currently analyzing the yosemite interrupt handling
code. So far I have not been able to find the point
where the association between a particular external or
message interrupt and its vector is established. It seems
that the corresponding OCD address definitions from
asm-mips/titan_dep.h, such as RM9000x2_OCD_INTPIN0, are
not used anywhere in the code. I guess the kernel does
not rely on PMON having set up this before, or does it?



Thomas Koeller, Software Development
Basler Vision Technologies

thomas dot koeller at baslerweb dot com


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