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Someone is looking into your background.

Subject: Someone is looking into your background.
From: Sharing Notification <>
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 07:26:05 -0400
Original-recipient: rfc822;
#######Someone is researching you#######

An individual at our website is sharing Opinions and Information regarding you 
in our online community. 

One of our users has begun the process of meeting people who know you via our 
website for the purpose of researching your background.

This email was automatically sent to you to inform you of this. The user doing 
the research provided us with your email address.

To see what website users have posted regarding you use this link:

This website also includes a highly valuable Daily Searching System. This is a 
simple system in which you can set-up searches that this website will perform 
for you each and every day. After performing the searches that you have 
specified, our Daily Searching System will send your search results to you via 

You can avoid future notification emails like this by adding your email 
address(es) to our Do Not Email List.  

Just use the following link:

Please browse our website, paying close attention to the FAQ and How To Use 
This Website pages.  Our website is a new online concept that may be confusing 
for some.  However, once you understand it you will agree that it is a very 
simple concept.

Warmest Regards,

Support Department

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