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Re: mips linux glibc-2.3.3 build - Unknown ABI problem

To: "T. P. Saravanan" <>
Subject: Re: mips linux glibc-2.3.3 build - Unknown ABI problem
From: "T. P. Saravanan" <>
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 09:35:45 +0530
Cc: David Daney <>,
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T. P. Saravanan wrote:

T. P. Saravanan wrote:

David Daney wrote:

What should I do to fix the build?

get the most recent machine-gmon.h from glibc CVS.

You will probably find a problem linking libc at a later step.  But the
newer machine-gmon.h will fix this problem.
OK. That worked.  Thanks a lot.

Oops!  I will take that back. I suspect it is not working.

When you said CVS I assumed the one in http://linux-mips/cvsweb/libc. On closer look it looks very old. From discussions in another thread I gather CVS means (Correct me if this is wrong.) If I take the machine-gmon.h from here - It still has the
same problem :-(

Correction Again: It works. I got the machine-gmon.h and builds all mixed up. I did
a fresh compile and it went past this point.

[Sorry for all the confusion.  I will post more carefully in future.]


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