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"Can't analyze prologue code ..." at boot time

Subject: "Can't analyze prologue code ..." at boot time
From: Thomas Petazzoni <>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 10:52:40 +0200
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In arch/mips/kernel/process.c, the function frame_info_init() called
at boot time, calls the get_frame_info() to a analyze the prologue of
a few functions (I don't know why, does anyone know ?).

At boot time, I have the following message on the console :

Can't analyze prologue code at 80315308

At 80315308 is the beginning of the schedule_timeout() function which
is one of the functions analyzed by the frame_info_init().

The get_frame_info() seems to search a sw or sd instruction, but here
is the beginning of the schedule_timeout() function :

80315308 <schedule_timeout>:
80315308:       3c027fff        lui     v0,0x7fff
8031530c:       27bdffc0        addiu   sp,sp,-64
80315310:       3442ffff        ori     v0,v0,0xffff
80315314:       afb10034        sw      s1,52(sp)
80315318:       afbf003c        sw      ra,60(sp)
8031531c:       afb20038        sw      s2,56(sp)
80315320:       afb00030        sw      s0,48(sp)
80315324:       1082002c        beq     a0,v0,803153d8 <schedule_timeout+0xd0>
80315328:       00808821        move    s1,a0

This error isn't fatal, the kernel perfectly boots, and I can use my
shell perfectly. I just wanted to know why it is reporting a problem,
why the kernel needs to analyze the prologues of a couple of
functions, and maybe report a possible problem ?

I'm using a quite outdated linux-mips CVS (from the beginning of the
month, a 2.6.9-rc1). I compiled using gcc 3.3.4, for an RM9000

Don't hesitate to ask for details,

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