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Re: CPU frequency scaling on MIPS (au1000/common/power.c)

To: Dominik Brodowski <>,,
Subject: Re: CPU frequency scaling on MIPS (au1000/common/power.c)
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 13:19:16 -0700 (PDT)
In-reply-to: <>
Original-recipient: rfc822;

> Therefore, I'd suggest that we update
> arch/mips/au1000/common/power.c to
> use the cpufreq infrastructure. 

The current interface was written a few years ago for
2.4, when I couldn't find a general PM interface to
start with.

> Nonetheless I'd be willing to write
> a "suggestion" on how to update
> arch/mips/au1000/common/power.c, and
> somebody with compiler and hardware could test it
> then.

That would help, though I'm not sure when I would get
to it personally. I'm working on 2.6 updates at the
moment with some other developers, but PM is not on
our list for now. If you're dying to work on it and
hardware is the only issue, I might be able to help :)

> Are there other MIPS CPUs which support CPU
> frequency scaling? 

Not that I know of, and not the way the Au1x supports


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