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RE: MIPS Magnum ARCsystem

To: "'Dennis Grevenstein'" <>, <>
Subject: RE: MIPS Magnum ARCsystem
From: "Alec Voropay" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 21:41:13 +0400
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> However, I guess the parts are basically a Magnum 4000.

 Great. I have a ACER PICA-61 (MIPS Magnum clone).

>Now I'm trying to find out what kind of operating system I could use

 Unfortunately, I can't run ANY OS on this machine.
- Linux for this architecture was broken since early 2.2 kernel...
- The OpenBSD/arc port has been discontinued after the 2.3 release.
- To build a NetBSD/arc I need to install a full NetBSD cross
development on the i386 host.


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