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Re: SGI O2 Prom modification

To: "Robin H. Johnson" <>
Subject: Re: SGI O2 Prom modification
From: Glenn Barry <>
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 07:36:10 +1000
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Hi Robin,

O.K. I misunderstood when I thought that Kumba misunderstood. D'OH.

I think that our biggest hope is to find someone that maybe worked on the O2 development, one of the engineers maybe, that would like to see the O2 evolve to its ultimate potential. It might not involve getting the source code if they did the mod for us, but knowing who in particular to ask in the first place is the real challenge..


Robin H. Johnson wrote:

On Wed, Sep 08, 2004 at 03:46:24PM +1000, Glenn Barry wrote:
AFAIK, this ability isn't too supported anymore. The guy doing this has apparently decided to quit. While I'm sure this doesn't make such modifications impossible, it likely makes them more difficult and more expensive.
This modification is currently being done with RM5200 boards and replacing the CPU. You can read more about it at

The RM7000C @ 600MHx chip currently works fine in IRIX, sorry I should have specified that this isn't specifically related to Linux, I just thought that you people would have the best knnowledge of the SGI's outside SGI themselves, given that you've been able to port Linux to some of their machines.
Kumba and I do know all about the RM7000C work, as we are frequent
visitors to nekochan.

What Kumba was referring to what the mid-August post by ChicagoJoe (on
page 14) stating that the company that had been doing the BGA chip
replacement is not taking on any more work.

This would quite likely require direct access to the source code of the IP32 PROM. I think only IRIX developers have this access, and there are likely license issues that would get in the way of modifying such code to allow for detection of the RM7900
Hmmm...given that the O2 line is discontinued I wonder if SGI would really object to having the code modified.
To get the PROM source, you'd really have to be in bed with SGI, as many
other folk from here have asked for a lot less and had no success.

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