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RE: anybody tried NPTL?

To: "'Ralf Baechle'" <>
Subject: RE: anybody tried NPTL?
From: "Alec Voropay" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 19:09:31 +0400
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Ralf Baechle [] wrote:

> In addition to what Dom has already answered - there are very 
> significant differences between the multithreading as
> implemented in the  Windows OS family and the varioius
> threading implementations for Linux  like classic
> libpthreads, Linuxthreads, NPTL, Mozilla and more.
> If we legally could look at MS's code I'd not expect to find
> much useful for us there ...

 OK, OK. You are right. However, as it is known, there is at
least one project "to bridge" Win32/multithread and *NIX :

 Yes, the Win32/MIPS API (and ABI) is dead, but MIPS/multithreading
lives in the WindowsCE/MIPS HPCs.

 Unfortunately, I can't find any details about Win32/MIPS


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