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PCMCIA genric sreail or modem support for db1100 bord

Subject: PCMCIA genric sreail or modem support for db1100 bord
From: "safiudeen Ts" <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 05:19:53 +0000
Original-recipient: rfc822;
I am trying to make a pcmcia serial card to work with DB 1100 development bord mips prcessor mips au1100 runnning on linux 2.4.20
same pcmcia serial card works fine with my laptop running on linux 2.4.20-8

when try with db1100 it look like hanging in close
the test results are as follows

1) when I plug the card, cardmanegr start it gives thettyS4 at port 0xc00703f8 and the irq 34
2) then card manager calls /etc/pcmcia/serial start /dev/ttvS4
here it try to set the irq with o through the setserial,this give "resource busy or unavailable error" 3)I changed /etc/pcmcia/serial so that setserial in /etc/pcmcia/serial can set irq 3 after this when I remove the card and plug again, same port number and irq is set, then /etc/pcmcia/serial start /dev/ttvS4 runs , here it wait until press enter to return to prompt
4) now I used set seril to see the status out put is this

# setserial -a /dev/ttyS4
/dev/ttyS4, Line 4, UART: 16550, Port: 0xc00703f8, IRQ: 34
       Baud_base: 6188044, close_delay: 50, divisor: 0
       closing_wait: 3000, closing_wait2: infinte
       Flags: spd_normal skip_tes

and I checked /var/run/stab  this is the out put
# cat /var/run/stab
Socket 0: Serial or Modem
0       serial  serial_cs       0       ttyS4   4       68
Socket 1: empty

at this place evry thing look like ok
5) I run a smale serial prot test program it set the boud rate 9600, data bit 8 stop bit 1 , no parity , open the ttyS4 with the following options O_RDWR | O_NOCTTY | O_NONBLOCK
       write teststring of correctors to the ttyS4, and close.
open and write functions return no error, the write function retunr the no. of bit writen correctly close function hangs here I connected other side of the serial port to a pc and started the minicom here I did'nt get any charecter writen to the port

6) I checked there irq usage in /proc/interrupts this is the result
cat /proc/interrupts

# cat /proc/interrupts
 0:      11914    Au1000 Level  serial
 2:          0    Au1000 Level  MMC
 6:          0    Au1000 Level  audio DAC
 7:          0    Au1000 Level  audio ADC
 8:          0    Au1000 Level  EP0 IN WR
 9:          0    Au1000 Level  EP1 IN WR
10:          0    Au1000 Level  EP2 IN WR
22:      22518    Au1000 Level  irda0
23:          0    Au1000 Level  irda0
24:          0  Au1000 Rise Edge  AU1100UDC Req
25:          0  Au1000 Rise Edge  AU1100UDC Sus
26:          0    Au1000 Level  usb-ohci
28:       8155    Au1000 Level  eth0
34:          0    Au1000 Level  serial

ERR:          0

it shows no any interupts happen to 34,
what should be the real problem ? if any one succeded in PCMCIA up with db1100 development please can you tell me the way to
configure the kernela and the the importan settings

if anyone succeded in bringing up PCMCIA serial or modem driver serial_cs working with this plartform
please help me in this regards


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