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Re: Yamon compiling and linking

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Subject: Re: Yamon compiling and linking
From: "Roman Mashak" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 14:53:18 +0900
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You wrote to "Roman Mashak" <> on Tue, 17 Aug 2004
09:58:57 -0700:

SC> Reset code (reset.S) IS compiled and linked (at bfc00000 like it should
SC> be), and pretty early on in there YAMON detects endianness and jumps to
SC> location of the appropriate endian image. Dump the output of make to a
SC> file and look for the compilation of reset.S.

I have already investigated the 'makefile' and 'make' dump - and I've found
that reset code is compiled only in one case - when I compile both LE and BE

Yes, I'm using AMD modified code and perhaps this is the reason, but their
support didn't answer yet.

Anyway - thank you for spending time for me.

With best regards, Roman Mashak.  E-mail:

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