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Re: Yamon compiling and linking

To: "Chris Dearman" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Yamon compiling and linking
From: "Roman Mashak" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 14:50:41 +0900
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Hello, Chris!
You wrote to "Roman Mashak" <> on Tue, 17 Aug 2004 11:45:51

 CD>    I think you are using modified YAMON sources... I can tell you how
 CD> the build process works for the distributed version of YAMON:

   Sorry, i didn't mention that  I'm using YAMON source code supplied with
AMD Alchemy  AU1550 dev. board. But I've already sent my questions to AMD
support, and didn't get reply for 3 days, that's why I asked here.
 CD>    Invoking make in the  yamon/bin directory build two YAMON images
 CD> (one big-endian & one little-endian) in the EB & EL subdirectories.  In
    Yes, absolutely correct
 CD> addition some endianess independent reset code (reset.o) is built in
 CD> yamon/bin. These three images are combined together to make a single
 CD> yamon-02.xx.rec image that can run in either endianess.
    In my case - NOT. So, if I invoke 'make srec_el' to build little-endian
only image I get only LE image located in the bin/EL directory and nothing
in the upper directory.
 CD>    If you're only interested in running little-endian you should be
 CD> able to simply combine the reset-02.xx.rec and EL/yamon-02.xx_el.rec
 CD> images.
    So, I have to compile reset code seperately and combine it with LE
according to your device.

With best regards, Roman Mashak.  E-mail:

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