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O2 framebuffer and mmap..

To: <>
Subject: O2 framebuffer and mmap..
From: "Kaj-Michael Lang" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 20:48:16 +0300
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The O2 fb driver (or something else) has broken mmap interface, you probably
know that. Anyway, I've tried to find the cause for it but I've haven't been
that succesfull.

I've patched a current cvs kernel with the old O2-fb
driver (from: gbefb
and mmap does not work with the old driver, so something else seem to
have changed so that the mmap things don't work. The 2.6.1 kernel on the
above page
does have a functional mmap (my test app and X works with it) but it's very

Does anyone have any hints or ideas ?

Oh, and I've added some sysfs stuff to the gbefb driver, should I post the
changes here ?

Kaj-Michael Lang ,

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