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Re: do_ri failure in cache flushing routines

To: G H <>
Subject: Re: do_ri failure in cache flushing routines
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2004 15:31:33 -0700
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G H wrote:

At the moment I don't have the board set up for using kgdb and it's complicated by the fact that we only have one serial console port. But I am looking into setting it up for kgdb now.

A single serial port will work fine.

As far as stressing the system, it doesn't have enough resources ( disk space ) to be able to compile the kernel, but we did write a simple program that would stress the system by spawning multiple threads, each one performing floating point calculations. With this test, top reported a load average of over 400 and we have seen no failure so far.

You can use an NFS mounted root fs to do native builds, assuming you have a native toolchain. That's an excellent stress test.


*/Pete Popov <>/* wrote:

    G H wrote:

    > I've not had much response to this question so I would like to
    > rephrase it :
    > Can anyone think of any possible scenario where do_ri could
    occur in
    > blast_icache32() ??
    > Is this possibly a cache synchronisation problem ??

    Could be a hardware memory glitch. I would use kgdb to put a
    there and see what the data in memory looks like when this happens --
    look for memory corruption, etc.


    > TIA
    > >While testing out an amd au1500 based board I have been getting "
    > do_ri " exceptions >that always occur in the cache flushing
    > More often than not in >blast_icache_32().
    > >So far this has mainly happened after running the board for
    days on
    > end while running >multiple telnet sessions t! o it. It has
    sometimes (
    > quite rarely ) happened after a few >hours to a day of multiple
    > session use.
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