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Re: anybody tried NPTL?

Subject: Re: anybody tried NPTL?
From: Kumba <>
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 21:08:56 -0400
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Jun Sun wrote:

I am looking into porting NPTL to MIPS.  Just curious if
anybody has tried this before.

I notice there was a discussion about the ABI extension
for TLS (thread local storage) support.  Before that support
becomes a reality it seems one can still use NPTL with the help of additional system calls.

A rough search of latest glibc source shows there is
zero MIPS code for nptl.  A couple of other arches
are missing as well (such as ARM)


All I've heard about this is that some kernel changes are (still?) needed, then just the glibc support along w/ TLS (Maybe compiler support?).

I believe I heard reports that the glibc people were looking to deprecate linuxthreads within a another release or two (but don't know specifics or anything), so it sounds like NPTL should be something to get working.


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