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TX4938 NAND flash bootup

Subject: TX4938 NAND flash bootup
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 09:56:29 +0800
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Hi everyone!

Has anyone tried to boot a rbhma4500 board (tx4938 uprocessor) before? I
tried to read the reference board's manuals but couldn't find anything
linux-related. What i have already tried was to:
     1. Write NAND IPL control information (FORMAT: srec) to sram
     2. Write vmlinux.srec to sram
     3. Use NAND Writer to burn the data to NAND Flash.
     4. Changed board settings to boot starting from NAND IPL.
With these steps, neither an error nor success messages appeard. The board
just hung. Im having a hard time looking for sources on the net; thus, this

Thank you very much!

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