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Re: is there *any* way to boot IP32 from hard drive ?

Subject: Re: is there *any* way to boot IP32 from hard drive ?
From: Samium Gromoff <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 18:01:54 +0400
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> Hi List,
> I've asked the very same question here before, but got no answer. Probably, 
> the experts, who might have known the answer just overlooked it... (sorry 
> guys for addressing some of you directly, but I'm really in trouble). The 
> thing is that I desperately need to get the O2 to boot from its HDD, it'sall 
> installed and supposed to be used as a standalone box.

First -- you`re right to use the arcboot image from debian -- that`s how i got
it working.

Second -- not all kernels will run successfully, indeed -- the one i used was
the glaurung 2.6.1 kernel from:

This is the only kernel which worked for me so far, and it is not without it`s
share of flaws, namely -- RTC, framebuffer, the AD-based sound chip and mouse
all having issues. Also it hangs (at times) =)

Hope this helps.

regards, Samium Gromoff

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