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RE: Howto run Linux on ACER PICA 61

To: "'Ralf Baechle'" <>
Subject: RE: Howto run Linux on ACER PICA 61
From: "Alexander Voropay" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 18:15:04 +0400
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>Linux has code for this system but it's suffering from severe bitrot.
>I still have the documents here so I could help you a bit if you were
willing to
>resurrect the kernel - which should be relativly easy, also due to the
>system's similarity to another, somewhat better supported system,
>the Olivetti M700-10.

  I'm trying to cross-compile a kernel from the linux-mips CVS.

  Unfortunately, the build script does not provide a selection for the
SCSI driver for the ACER PICA  (/linux/drivers/scsi/NCR53C9x.h ??)
and SONIC DP83932 Ethernet controller.


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