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RE: MS VC++ compiler / MIPS

To: "'Kevin D. Kissell'" <>, <>
Subject: RE: MS VC++ compiler / MIPS
From: "Alexander Voropay" <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 21:32:23 +0400
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Kevin D. Kissell [] wrote:

>If I recall correctly, the MS compiler uses a subltly different calling
>than the "o32" gcc conventions assumed by MIPS Linux,

 The ABI is identical if the number of the int arguments <=4
(n1-> $4, n2 -> $5, n3 -> $6, n4 -> $7)
(return value --> $2)
 It should be enought for simply functions.

 Otherwise, the MSVC/MIPS does not use $fp, so stack frame structure
seems different.

 MSVC/MIPS supports 2 calling conventions (/Gd __cdecl calling
/Gr __fastcall calling convention) but I can't grok a difference.

> and certainly the assembler directives will be different from those
assumed by the Linux sources.


 It sems, it is impossible to build a full Linux toolcain at the MSVC
base. The MS linker
(LINK.EXE) is weak (comparing to `ld` monster) and can produce only COFF
.EXE (a.out)
MIPS executables.

>  It *might* be possible to hack up a MIPS Linux kernel source tree to
build with the MS
>tool kit, but it would be a lot of work,  some of it subtle.

 I have no plans to do it, I'm not a MIPS guru :)


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