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[Fwd: Re: sharp mobilon hc-4100]

Subject: [Fwd: Re: sharp mobilon hc-4100]
From: Ricardo Mendoza <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 16:03:10 -0400
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Volker Jahns wrote:

Modifications are certainly a must:

e.g. 2.4.20 in drivers/video/tx3912fb.h thereis _only_  framebuffer definitions 
for the nino:
#if defined(CONFIG_NINO_4MB) || defined(CONFIG_NINO_8MB)
#define FB_X_RES 240 #define FB_Y_RES 320
#if defined(CONFIG_FBCON_CFB4)
#define FB_BPP         4

while 2.4.0-test9 carries the _good_ information for the velo 1, velo 500 and 
for the helio ( the code for the nino is missing here). In 
drivers/video/r3912fb.h ( which seems to be the historic version of tx3912fb.h, 
ouch what a chaos :-(
#       ifdef CONFIG_PHILIPS_VELO1
#               define FB_X_RES         480
#       elif defined(CONFIG_PHILIPS_VELO500)
#               define FB_X_RES         640
#       endif
#       define  FB_Y_RES        240
#               define FB_BPP   2
#       else /* CONFIG_PHILIPS_VELO_16GRAY */
#               define FB_BPP   4
#       endif
#       define FB_IS_GREY     1
#       define FB_IS_INVERSE  0
#       define VIDEORAM_SIZE  (FB_X_RES * FB_Y_RES * FB_BPP / 8)

On the other hand the mobilon needs <pre>
#               define FB_X_RES         640
#               define FB_X_RES         240
#               define FB_BPP           4

This information ( and what else which might be of interest to make the LCD 
working on this thing) must have get lost on the kernel's way. I really wonder 
where to find a more or less functional version of the kernel code to start 

The 2.4.17 tree on Steven J. Hill's website is functional, I can give it
 to you if you cant find it, just let me know.

By the way, when I refer to functional is for the TX3912 generic stuff,
one thing for sure is that you _WILL_ need to make an specific machine
directory for the mobilon, and you can use the same code for it, after
removing the non-generic tx3912 stuff and perhaps changing some stuff
that matters only to the mobilon.

You can also try hacking on the nino files as if you were using a nino.

P.D. Remove the html tags

Ricardo Mendoza Meinhardt

Administrador Linux

"get ready for a bit of the old Ultra Violence"

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