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RE: Linux on SNI RM300E ?

To: "'Thomas Kunze'" <>
Subject: RE: Linux on SNI RM300E ?
From: "Alexander Voropay" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 14:18:01 +0400
Cc: <>
Importance: Normal
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Organization: VMB-Service
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>i've downloaded the arcdiag-0.2 and served it via tftp. but the RM300E
don't like that file.
>it only says "Bad magic number". what does this mean

>the same error-message appears when the to load mipsel boot-images.

 Do you have an originas OS (SINIX ?) supplied with this server ?
Try a `file` GNU utility:

 Some modern loaders requires ELF binaries (not COFF) so you should
know a full binary file format to load (ELF/COFF/little/bigendian).


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