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Re: [patch] Incorrect mapping of serial ports to lines

To: Ralf Baechle <>
Subject: Re: [patch] Incorrect mapping of serial ports to lines
From: "Maciej W. Rozycki" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 13:57:34 +0200 (CEST)
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Original-recipient: rfc822;
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On Tue, 29 Jun 2004, Ralf Baechle wrote:

> unintentional.  The idea was to have to have all the system-specific at
> the start of the list or we get fun on all system that may have on-board
> serials which should receive the lowest numbers and any (E)ISA serial cards
> at the end, so my suggestion for fixing this would look a little different:
> #define SERIAL_PORT_DFNS                                \
>         COBALT_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS                        \
>         DDB5477_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS                       \
>         EV96100_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS                       \
>         IP32_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS                          \
>         ITE_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS                           \
>         IVR_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS                           \
>         JAZZ_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS                          \
>         MOMENCO_OCELOT_G_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS              \
>         MOMENCO_OCELOT_C_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS              \
>         MOMENCO_OCELOT_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS                \
>         TXX927_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS                        \
>         AU1000_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS                      \

 Hmm, why is Au1000 at the end -- does the system have others from the
list above, too?

 Also you've removed a few system-specific ports -- why?

>                                                       \
>         STD_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS                           \
>       EXTRA_SERIAL_PORT_DEFNS                         \
>         HUB6_SERIAL_PORT_DFNS                           \
> Comments?

 That's a bit troublesome for the Malta board which has both a pair of
PC-compatible serial ports which are expected to be lines 0 and 1 and an
Atlas serial port, which is expected to be line 2.  The Atlas port on the
Malta board isn't handled by Linux right now, but I plan to fix it.  Are
there systems that have both PC-compatible ports and system-specific ones
and expect them to be mapped in the reverse order?

 AFAIK, PC-compatible serial ports on PCI cards get mapped dynamically to
lines above this standard list.  I don't know about EISA boards, but it
would be consistent to handle them the same way, i.e. I'd propose to fix
the driver in this case.


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