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IDE woos in BE mode 2.6 kernel

Subject: IDE woos in BE mode 2.6 kernel
From: Jun Sun <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 16:45:51 -0700
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Anybody has tried IDE disks in big endian mode with 2.6 kernel?
I seem to have troubles with Malta board.

Current malta board has CONFIG_SWAP_IO_SPACE defined and therefore
all inw, inl and their friends are byte-swapped in BE mode.  As a
results all IDE IO ops (such as ide_inw, etc) do swapping too.

A quick experiement shows those IDE IO ops should not do swapping.
Anybody knows why?

Apparently fixing the above is not enough.  I either encountered
failure to read partition table or having DMA error.  Any clues

I suppose this problem really should exist for other arches
with BE support.  Anybody knows how other arches deal with this?



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