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Howto run Linux on ACER PICA 61

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Subject: Howto run Linux on ACER PICA 61
From: "Alexander Voropay" <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 20:23:57 +0400
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Organization: VMB-Service
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 I've just got (for free :) an ancient MIPS ACER PICA 61 motherboard.

 Can anyone help/guide me to run Linux-MIPS on this machine ?
Is it still possible to run Linux on this architecture ?

 The motherboard is old (~1993) and it is very difficult to find
any documentations... AFAIK, this is version of ARC MIPS.

 This is Full-size AT board, AT power supply, 5 ISA slots, 8 SIMM
slots. The CPU is PACEMIPS R4000-50Mhz (x2=100 internal ???) by
Performance Semiconductor Corp.. NatSemi Ethernet/AUI onboard.
No IDE connector. One additional slot is not ISA, but maked as
IO an contains SCSI/Floppy/Serial/Perallel/Mice card. Another slot
is like reversed EISA (double) and marked as VIO (locabus video?).
Unfortunately, the original videocard is lost. :( However it works fine
with old CirrusLogic VGA card in ISA slot (old ISA Trident 8900/9000
does not works).

St.Petersburg, Russia

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