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Re: "No such device" with PCI card

To: Dominique Quatravaux <>
Subject: Re: "No such device" with PCI card
From: jospehchan <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 18:27:08 +0800 (CST)
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Hi Dominique,
Thanks for your suggestion and help.
I've tried my VIA VT6212L USB2.0 PCI card on other
Linux system(x86 based) (RedHat 7.2 + kernel 2.4.16). 
And it works fine under kernel 2.4.16 with an USB
patch from kernel 2.4.26.
So I migrated the system to MIPS, but I was stuck by
this problem.
Altough I'm not familiar with device driver, but I
will try Jan-Benedict's suggestion.


<> 的訊息:> jospehchan
> >
> > After loading the 8139too or usb-uhci module, the
> same problem
> > still happened. So I doubt that something missed
> when configuring the kernel.
> Sorry, but your diagnosis is not quite correct. I'm
> guessing you are
> new to Linux kernel programming, device drivers etc
> (BTW, Jan-Benedict
> suggested you *modify* your kernel source then
> recompile). Why not try
> and get your USB PCI card working on a Linux PC
> computer first? That
> would get most of your questions sorted out without
> compositing them
> with MIPS issues. Then come back on this list and
> knowing that "it
> works on i386" we could help you crossing the little
> gap remaining.
> (Right now it's not even clear whether your USB card
> is supported by
> Linux at all!)
> Not to mean that this list is not ready to provide
> assistance to you
> :-) but the MIPS platform still has rough edges, and
> better suited for
> hardcore programmers to date. I know that because
> I've jumped through
> those hoops myself before: I bought a desktop PCI
> Alpha computer
> almost a decade ago and suffered no end of a pain on
> it :-). This was
> a fun and teaching experience, sure - but also a
> frustrating one at times.
> > BTW, how to mount the sysfs to /sys? I can not
> find the sysfs file
> > system in kernel configuration.
> As root, type:
> mkdir /sys # Ignore error if already
> # exists
> mount /sys /sys -t sysfs
> Then read up on the "Linux 2.6 device driver model":
> Documentation/driver-model/* in the kernel source,
> and
> -- 
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> certainement les
> jardiniers >>
> Dominique Quatravaux <>

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