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Re: "No such device" with PCI card

Subject: Re: "No such device" with PCI card
From: Jan-Benedict Glaw <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 16:27:30 +0200
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On Mon, 2004-06-14 19:56:31 +0800, jospehchan <>
wrote in message <>:
> Hi all,
>   I'm new in MIPS. 
>   Recently, I encountered a strange problem. 
>   That is when I plugged in a USB1.1 PCI card on my
> MIPS machine.
>   When I load "usb-uhci" modules, the system returns
> "Init_modules: No such device".
>   But checking "lspci", I can see the device's ID of
> the USB PCI card.
>   Is there anything I missed? Any suggestion or advice
> is appreciated. 

lspci tells you vendor and device id. These IDs need to be told to the
driver. Because the uhci driver uses:

static const struct pci_device_id uhci_pci_ids[] = { {
        /* handle any USB UHCI controller */
        PCI_DEVICE_CLASS(((PCI_CLASS_SERIAL_USB << 8) | 0x00), ~0),
        .driver_data =  (unsigned long) &uhci_driver,
        }, { /* end: all zeroes */ }

I think your device is just broken (and doesn't tell it's a USB host).
If you think it's really driven by uhci (and not by ohci), then stick
your device IDs into that table, or add those dynamically by echo'ing
them to /sys/bus/pci/drivers/uhci_hcd/new_id. You need sysfs mounted to
/sys, though.


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