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To: Linux MIPS <>
Subject: VINO
From: Jorik Jonker <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 14:54:37 +0200
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I have been playing around a bit with my Indycam, but it seems that some work
needs to be done to get a nice picture. I've read that it has something to do
with clipping and that the brightness control register is silently ignored. I
happen to have an IRIX installtion on my Indy as well, and I tried finding
out how to read the VINO registers from IRIX, but with no luck.
I suppose that there must be some kernel-space piece of code to read the GIO
(?) memory around adress 0x00080000, but I am not able to figure out how to
do this in IRIX. Perhaps someone (with al little bit more kernel-hacking
experience) could guide me a little bit on doing this?
Are there other people beside ladis who are attemping to enhance the VINO
driver in the linux kernel, and if so, what are your findings?
I would really like to contribute to VINO development, but it's quite opaque
matter to me, as the VINO spec is quite unclear and I am not certain what's
exactly going wrong in the VINO driver.

Jorik Jonker

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