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Gnome/Mozilla on Malta

To: <>
Subject: Gnome/Mozilla on Malta
From: "Ratin Kumar" <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 11:49:36 -0700
Importance: Normal
Organization: Kopera Software Inc.
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Has anyone tried building gnome and/or mozilla for Malta?


My target is RH7.3 port for mipsel with a matrox mill II PCI card in frame buffer mode.


I have tried native build of gnome and got quiet a few components going.


I have also tried garnome with some success in getting a few components to build but it failed with Nautilus.


I have also tried KDE but for some odd reason it does not pick up my QT installation during configure stage, even after I have set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH…..


Basically I want to have a browser running on RH installation.


Any ideas???


Thanks in advance…



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