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Re: running 2.6 on swarm pass1

To: "Ken Giusti" <>
Subject: Re: running 2.6 on swarm pass1
From: "Mitch Lichtenberg" <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 11:18:05 -0700
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Pass1 BCM1250's have enough problems that it's no surprise
that things don't work anymore.    Most of the workarounds
to CPU core issues are deliberately not checked into the external
(linux-mips) tree, and some require some nasty toolchain
hacks (for example, taking exceptions on the instruction
in a branch delay slot is perilous).

I don't know how you got your SWARM, but you might want to
press for getting a new one.  No pass1's were ever shipped
in volume, so it would be best to NOT support it.


Ken Giusti wrote:

I've got a swarm board with a pass1 sibyte sb1250. Here's the relevant system info from the boot up


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