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Re: SGI O2 MIPS R5000 bootp problems

To: Alexander Markley <>
Subject: Re: SGI O2 MIPS R5000 bootp problems
From: Ladislav Michl <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 18:15:16 +0200
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On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 11:55:55AM -0400, Alexander Markley wrote:
> Hi. I just get an SGI O2 with a MIPS R5000 chip in it, and I'd love to 
> run linux on it. The machine seems to be in working order, and has been 
> known to boot into IRIX in the recent past.
> I have gotten the debian tftp boot images and things, and have properly 
> set up dhcp and tftp, but I cannot make this machine boot!
> ...
> > boot f bootp():r5000_boot.img
> Setting $netaddr to (from server )
> Obtaining r5000_boot.img from server
> 7536
> Cannot load bootp():r5000_boot.img.
> Range check failure: text start 0x88802000, size 0x1d70.
What kernel version are you running? This bug was fixed quite long ago.
I'd recommend using recent cvs and patch by Ilya

> Text section would overwrite an already loaded program.Unable to execute 
> bootp():r5000_boot.img:  not enough space
> Unable to load bootp():r5000_boot.img: not enough space


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